Sunday, June 20, 2010

A New Idea!

My daughter Kayla and I came up with a new Wooly World creation. Roundies Owls. They are really cute and who doesn't love owls? Each one will have their own personality and possibly name. I listed 3 prototypes on my Etsy shop to see how they would be received. I've heard nice things so far, but my pictures have a lot left to be desired. I'm not a photographer but even I can see there is too much shadow and blah going on in this picture. I will be looking at photo tutorials this week and fixing up my Etsy shop pics for sure! I'll let you know when I have em done!I'll give props to the tutorial author so keep an eye out for that post.
I need to unify my shop pictures as well. As in find a style/background and stick with it. Its hard to make a decision though. The majority of Etsy shops use white backgrounds and their pictures look fabulous, while mine look boring. Some kind of concept must come to my brain!!! Maybe some cute scrapbook paper? What about outside pics in the grass?Tell me what you think!

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