Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Some New Photos and Some New Roundie Owls

   I followed the tutorial from Kate McFaul Designs blog and it was very simple. My pictures turned out nice (I think) and I used some in my Etsy shop. Alas it takes FOREVER to edit pics on my computer. I use Picnik and love it but my computer is soooo slooowwww that it becomes unresponsive after 3 or 4 pictures in a row. We're planning on buying a new computer with next years tax rebate! Back to the topic. Instead of using the muslin background Kate suggested, I used some scrapbook paper for a bit o fun.                        
                                                               Here is the first. A new Roundie.

Here is another. This time a Family portrait.
   You will see my listed Roundies as well as two additions, the big chocolate brown one with the crazy hair and the sweet little lavender one. The lavender one isn't even listed yet! So enjoy your tiny sneak peek. Look in my etsy shop for more pictures.
   In my shop announcement you will see that I'm a member of the  Holiday Cheer Team on Etsy. We have to keep at least one holiday themed item in our shop. I have no problem with that. Lets keep that giving spirit alive all year!
   Please give me your opinion because I'm definitely having one heck of a time with taking and editing pictures. I guess what I believe to look good doesn't look so nice to others.

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