Friday, July 16, 2010

A Foxy Gent.

Title illustration of Mr. Tod from The Tale of...Image via Wikipedia
Being spoon fed Beatrix Potter as a child has made me a firm believer that when the house is quiet the mice come out wearing their beautiful Victorian clothes to pilfer any children's toys they might find useful, that Foxy "gentlemen" wear waistcoats, and rabbits wear clogs(I swear I saw it myself once). Inspired so, I decided to try  my own needle felted interpretation of a fox in a vest. I'll be taking pictures along the way to try and show my creative process. I begin, as everyone else, with an idea in mind. Usually the sculpture forms itself in a different way. Wool seems to have a life of its own and I try and go with the flow. My plan for him is to be tiny bit sinister but mostly cute. Foxes are cute but they are predators(and eat my dads
chickens).Naturalist, Ms.Potter put that in her books. "Nobody could call Mr. Tod "nice." The rabbits could not bear him; they could smell him half a mile off. He was of a wandering habit and he had foxy whiskers; they never knew where he would be next. " Beatrix Potter The Tale of Mr. Tod (1912)

Of course by the time it occurred to me that this would be a good blog post I had already begun the head.Here are the first shots of his head. His ears are rough and only tacked on  for now.

 As you can see his eyes are not adhered. Nor are they permanent.These are plastic stuffed animal eyes I hacked from some cheap dollar store rabbit (mmmwuhaahaaa). I'm ordering glass eyes, but I also wanted to explore eye placement. I found placement I liked and cut an opening with the ex acto knife. By doing this it leaves a nice opening for the wire so I can either sew or glue it in.

That it for now, I've gone on long enough and of course the kids are being kids.


Day said...


I love foxes! Adorable!

Ashley said...

Thanks Day!


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