Sunday, July 11, 2010

The "Poop" on Cloth Diapers

You may or may not  know that July 5th thru 11th is cloth diaper week on The Crafty Nest. Yes! An entire week devoted to cloth diapers!

The Crafty Nest Cloth Diaper Week

Click the links to fly to the Nest and begin your cloth diaper journey. As Vanessa has a fantastic wealth of info already blogged, I'm not really going to delve deep here. I'm just gonna chat about my experience.

My three children were not cloth diapered though I wish I could have now. I just wasn't aware that people still did it. Seriously folks , isolated little county in Maryland...We don't have a diaper service, we have one health food store which unfortunately when my two oldest were in diapers didn't get much press. Most importantly we (incorrectly) thought it would be too expensive.

My two year old is potty training right now. Disposable training pants are absorbent and he  would sit in them all day for all he cared, even the "cool feeling" ones. So I purchased some cloth training pants. LOVE THEM!  They actually let my son feel the discomfort of poop and pee. When hes wearing them he goes potty.Don't get me wrong he has accidents but they are much less then when he was wearing disposables. They are not hard to clean, in fact I use a environmentally friendly stain spray and they are just as white as when I bought them.I'm not pulling your leg! Again, The Crafty Nest has awesome posts regarding cloth diapers, cleaning them, benefits, where to purchase them, etc.

I bought my sons training pants from fellow Etsy shop Q.T.Bunns.  She has her adorable logo stitched along one of the leg holes. They are soft,cute as can be and are super durable. I toss them in the wash with my towels and they just get softer and softer each time, but not one stitch has come undone.We have these.

I hate to blog and run but my daughters birthday is coming up and we are planning a MAD TEA PARTY!! We're pretty excited case ya couldn't tell. We're in the midst of crafting invites and costume planning. She'll have pics and details over on her blog Bugabugs Faves.  See you all next time!

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tenenda said...

Hey! Thanks for following me!! I love cloth diapers, you would have loved it too! Im growing an addiction. LOL. maybe not such a good thing? Glad you found the cloth trainers and they are working!! I am your newest follower, I look forward to reading your blog :)


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