Friday, August 6, 2010

An Award? For ME?

Muchas Gracias to Jaclynn over at  I Was Never The Girl Next Door
She gave me my first blog award! I'm pretty excited you know. Some good things have been happening for me lately and I hope the trend continues!

 Here's how to work this thang: Firstly thank the person who awarded you. Then tell 7 things about yourself. Pick 5 newly discovered blogs and pass it on!

Seven Factoids about me:
1.  I am a girly girl who loves pink and romantic frilly frou frou. On the flip side I'm a gal who enjoys rockabilly and black fingernail polish. Which I guess isn't really all that different.

Rockin red Catie May dress can be found in Dismantled Fashions and floaty romantic Equator dress can be found in Armour sans Anguish both of which are on Etsy!

2. I am a rabid reader. Yes, rabid. I see books I begin foaming at the mouth. Its true.
3. My favorite music is classic southern rock.
4. I make my children dance with me to the big band music channel on dish network. OK I dance and pretend I can swing.The kids HATE it when I say "You guys wanna listen to some music?"
5.Geeze this is hard!
6. One of my favorite movies is Life of Brian. Google it try it out. I find it hilarious.
7.My closet is a total wreck.  I hate putting laundry away, but I do it for the rest of the house and mine just gets left in  the basket by my bed. About once every two weeks or so I'll get tired of it and put it away. It drives my husband nuts.

Now my 5 awardees. Drum roll Please!
1.Dancin on Jupiter 
This one has a little favoritism cause shes my sister! Shes sarcastic and funny and she just needs to get off the games and blog some more.
2.Magpies Collectables
She is one creative chick with a needle. Beautiful art dolls and uber embellished art.She always has a kind word for everyone  too.
3. AshleyBook
Her name is Ashley and her blog is about books. Whats not to love? No really she has book reviews, Etsy shop reviews and shop owner interviews! Love it!
4.Ellens Creative Passage
Looking for some lovely tutorials, well Ellen's got em. From felted wool roses to tea towel tote bags and everything in between!
5.Foxtail Creek Studio
Janine has the most beautiful handmade needle felted Kids in Costumes. And crocheted scarves. Softness!

That's it the awards show is over! Now go HOME!!

1 comment:

Ellen said...

OMG! I was just lazily reading your post and thought that was a nice award and then I found my own name at the bottom! Thanks so much! How fun is this!!


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