Friday, September 24, 2010

Some Tools I Use

Most of you are probably not too familiar with needle felting. I'm going to give you a small peeksie into my studio and some of the tools I use. 
Above you can see my foam block covered in a fat quarter of patriotic print. It helps keep the roving "clean" as other fibers stick to the foam. The foam is important because the needles are very sharp and can break easily. You don't want to felt in your lap and  walk around with tiny bloody holes in your legs do you? I should hope not! You also don't want your needles glancing off of a hard surface and breaking. Foam is the perfect density for absorbing the needles punch! A pillow would be too hard etc...

There are also needles poking out of a flowerpot. That's just my pincushion. Usually I have my needles neatly lined up in my foam block for quick use but I was doing a larger project and needed the space so I stuffed some roving into a mini flowerpot.The pretty colors at the top of the needles indicate gauge. We'll get into that another day. The bent sewing needle is helpful picking out my screw ups. You can break your felting needles doing that.(I know).   And the other I use to sew faces, beads blah blah blah you get my drift.
 Now you see that decapitated matryoshka sitting there? Well shes not decapitated but actually a Cute Little Thing!
Its a multineedle tool! Lets you felt large objects quickly! I know you can also tape the needles together but this little matryoshka  makes me smile shes so darn cute! So here is how she works!(This is where the screwdriver comes in! No you cannot felt with a screw driver!)
 Normally you would want to load 4 of the same gauge needle. I like to use my trusty  #38. But here I'm gonna show you with these. Deal. This tool consists of 4 parts. The Knob (her head) a felt piece, the base and a screw to hold it all together. You can buy tools that hold more than 4 needles.

 Here I've inserted the 4 needles. Now to layer in the felt. CHILLS!
Yep! I cropped out my chipped fingernail polish. Ive inserted the screw as well because I'm getting ready to put on the top.
 Her head is now attached and I'm tightening the screw.( Alot of using the word screw here today hmm.) Its a very simple process and super cute to boot!

 Inspired, I created my own matryoshka. She is currently for sale in Wooly World, my Art Fire shop!
I totally used my multineedle tool on her!

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