Wednesday, April 6, 2011

All Dressed Up For Spring!

Hi all!  Welcome to this glorious spring!

    I have totally and utterly neglected this poor blog. But NO MORE!  Its been revamped and so has my life!

   A lot has happened since my last post. I am now homeschooling my daughter. Began the first week in February and still getting the hang of it! It has been wonderful and she and I are super close now! I'm hoping to maybe home school my middle child. He is more of a "challenge". By challenge I mean totally a handful and very defiant. He's really sweet most of the time but ,boy, he can be stubborn.
   This week we are in the process of moving! Hooray! We are moving to a much larger house! I'm so thankful because we really need the space! I can pull all of my treasured primitive decorations out and have fun.

   Now for some Wooly World news. I have had to cut back on the needle felting a bit. I've been spending my spare time online researching home school methods, etc. I did do a craft show in March and made out pretty well. I have some pics to post. My sister and I shared a table. Shes L7 Jewelery ~Fabu fuzzy creations!  She makes some really pretty jewelery with a steam punk/alternative /woolly spin. That's right, I said woolly! She doesn't have a website yet. YET!   Here she is in all of her quirky glory!
These pics are from her phones camera. My trusty digital croaked out on me! Here are some more!

I really love craft shows! My booth is slowly evolving. Definitely a shabby chic vibe going on there! As my budget allows the better my booth will get! For example the table covering really bugs me! I want one of those table clothes that are to the floor on 3 sides. I believe they are specifically made for craft tables. I can't sew one (Really! I can't) so I'll have to buy one when budget allows. Of course I'm not doing really high dollar shows yet either. I'm slooooowwwwly working up to it. Thanks for sticking with me through those months of silence! I really appreciate you! Oh and I would sooo love it if you would let me know if you like the new blog style!!


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