Sunday, September 18, 2011

The warm and spicy colors of autumn

Mmmm this Etsy Treasury is utterly spicy and the colors are... Yum. Just yum! I love Fall!
Many thanks to tjplain on Etsy for including my cinnamon buns!

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Needlefelt Now Please!?

To be honest I have not picked up a felting needle since my move in April.  Instead I've been feathering my nest! Here are some things I've been working on:

Want to know where I got some a that stuff?

The Cinnamon Bun  and Family stitchery patterns were from Chestnut Junction. The cinnamon buns are faux and I made em myself. I have more for the fall/winter craft show season.  I also made those little pantry cakes under the fly screen in the first pic. Very easy to do but  very time consuming. I've been looking for some cute molds to mass make. You can google pantry cake and recipes will come up if you want to give it a shot. The little muslin mouse in the colander I made, but as I'm not a really great sewer I had to give him an "operation" on his neck to make him proportionate. The homespun hides it well though...
In the 3rd pic is my beloved Spice, Rolling pin, Spoon Rack  by Fire Cracker Kid on Etsy. the listing is actually my shelf. Carol and her husband do a fantastic job and it is such high quality work for the prices! I want one of everything in her shop!!! See that wee baby mouse on the bottom shelf of the rack. It is so sweet! I ordered her from Vermont Harvest. She smells Divine and the detail is perfect!! Doreen sent this mouse (and a free walnut which is hanging in pic 4 below) most wonderfully packaged in sweet dried grass and shredded paper. It looked just as if a mouse had made a nest in the box. It was enchanting. I saved it of course. I'm planning on buying a few more mousies from her!

Cross Stitch! I have been doing alot of it! Teaching my daughter also. The above pillow is from a free pattern by Jennifer Taylor Gass. Her blog is a wonderful source of primitive decorating ideas too!  
You can also see that walnut I was talking about earlier! Mmm! It smells so good!
This sampler I did with various motifs. I love how it turned out! I made it with my dearly departed grandmother in heart and mind. The crown (in white) symbolizes the British monarchy as my grandmother was English. Basket of flowers equals friendship and love. The bird; as symbol of crossing over, pink carnation; a symbol of maternal love.
This cute motif I snagged from Primitive Bettys freebies. She has a ton of freebies and links to tutorials on her blog!

I also tied my hand at a prim folk art saltbox painting. My mom and sister laughed at it (LOL! Can't blame em) but my ever supportive husband hung right up in the foyer! Hes so sweet!

And for Halloween...

My hutch in the foyer. My favorite piece of furniture!
I edited this pic on Picnik the free(!) photo editing site. It is truly awesome!
NOW you should have enough links to keep you clicking all day!  And hopefully I have made up for not posting so much! Have fun clickin!


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