Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A burglar!

Greetings! Guess what was in our back yard a few minutes ago! A big ole grandaddy (probably a mommy) raccoon! I was sitting here in the computer room enjoying the cool autumn eve air and I heard something in the back yard. I thought it might be another deer, we have them back here often. So I sent the Hubs to investigate, you know, cause he loves deer. He crept on to the deck and of course I crept out behind him and we saw this big ole guy staring back at us from the orchard by our house. He was really big! He finally turned and disappeared into the dark. Now we just have to make sure the kids, chickens and puppies don't encounter him. Speaking of the puppies! Some watch dogs! Those Beagle Boys were curled up in their house not giving a fig about that raccoon! Guess they were all tuckered out after their afternoon jaunt. Here is a pretty recent pic. Those of you with Beagle experience will understand all of the movement in the picture!

Thats Rascal on the left and Bandit on the right.

In other news: Remember that camo Mallard duck ornie in my last blog post?  It sold! Yay! I hope the buyer enjoys and cherishes it!

Also if you hadn't noticed, I updated my blogs look. I just gotta change it up sometimes! There are so many talented blog designers out there that make the rest of us look good just for their own sheer pleasure! Thanks to you all! 
Uh oh sounds like that raccoon is back again! Gonna go peek out the window! Have a wonderful week!


Carol said...

Oh, congrats on your sale!
Hey, aren't those s'posed to be coon hounds... lol. Ah, if I were them I'd just lay there too... lol.
I love your new blog background;-)

Vicki ~ Glitter Frog Designs said...

*big high five* on the sale...

*eeeeeeek* on the raccoon...

*sigh* on your lovely blog design!

Ashley said...

Thanks for the congrats ladies!
I know! I love this design too!
Carol they are actually rabbit dogs so I guess I cant blame em, but they do bark at deer. Probably think they are big ole dogs! LOL!

Vicki there is a link to the designer on my side bar. The same designer did Carols (comments up above there) blog and I just LOVED her blog. I about jumped out of my seat when I saw this background on the site. ITKUPILLI is the blogger and she has some really beautiful stuff! I also use shabalicious Shabby blogs! Love them!

Thanks for the comments!!!!


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