Saturday, January 21, 2012

Family Tree

  I know its been well over a month ( insert grimace here.) since my last post. Busy times folks! Christmas! New Years! Also my husband and  2 sons were born in January as well as my mother in law. So that's one birthday per week for the month of January. Shew! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!
   Lets catch up! My newest old obsession : Genealogy. Wow! Its always been something I've dabbled in but now its ON! 
    My maternal grandfathers line is done and doner by someone else. So a big thanks to Ms. Moxley Sturgill for all her hard work. I have also found some really cool family history too! I'm a direct descendant of Revolutionary War hero, southern counterpart to Paul Revere, except his job was waaaay more dangerous and could have affected the outcome of the Revolution, Martin Gambill (Really! Just Google him.). Not just once but twice! His great grand children (3rd cousins. Yes. Isolated southern mountain folk.) married. So if I felt like doing all the paper work right now, I could join the Daughters of the American Revolution. Someday I will, but right now I'm just happy knowing. I'm happy knowing the mundane too. I just love history!
   My paternal grandfathers line stops dead in the 1800s. Still working to crack that. This is a large family and we have a few members working on it. My paternal grandmothers line comes from Ireland but must have changed names or something upon arriving in the US. Working on that as well. I actually posted once on the Ancestry boards and met up with my Dads cousin who was asking the same questions! She lives in Tennessee!So that side is a mystery and its driving me nuts to solve it! 
   Since I'm having such a hard time with those two I'm taking a break and working on my maternal grandmothers line. Shes from England, was an only child and all of her cousins may be deceased.So I'm plodding through pages and pages of images, documents and dead ends. Basically I have no idea what the women's maiden names are, and am going by the male names, like John, Joshua and Robert. Just as popular in the 19th century as the 21st. So yeah. But I'm not giving up! No sir not me! I'm learning to decipher beautiful unintelligible script. I'm learning the oh so important virtues of patience and dedication. Right now I'm on page two of 349 of Norfolk Marriage Bonds. Come on slow computer!!!! But I'm gonna keep going! I'm going to pass it on to my kids ,who , for their sakes better, pass it on to their kids.
                                        Any one else obsessed with genealogy? How do you cope?  
In addition I'm about to purchase the beautiful "My Family Tree"  cross stitch pattern by  Willow Tree Samplings
I cant wait to begin. I have the perfect place for it! I plan on doing birth samplers for my children as well. Hopefully they'll pass them down and the next history genealogy freak will appreciate it!

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