Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Time.Its Ringa Dinga Ding Time!

In honor of Spring and Easter I have broken down and listed my Easter Bunny sculpture in my Etsy shop. I have had her squirreled away for about a year now. Only seeing light of day at a craft show or two. Poor girl.                                                         
                                                                Still she kept her smile!
And her fluffy tail!
                                          She didn't crack a single Easter egg either, clever girl.

Friday, March 23, 2012

All Creatures Great and Small

As some of you may remember we had added two cute little beagle brothers Rascal and Bandit to our family last June. Here They are as sweet  chubby pups. Rascal has a heart on his side. That's why the kids picked him. Bandits has more blue ticks like his momma, Mini.
Here they are now! Big handsome boys! Bandit is still much smaller than Rascal. But hes waaay faster. Hes like a lighting bolt. I mean it. That's why I took  a picture in their kennel, because they were like blurs on my poor old camera. We call Bandit our circus pup because the command sit to him means on his rear legs. His front paws are always up as if begging. In reality hes much too polite to beg. Rascal on the other hand is a complete beggar.See the look in his eyes. He wants a treat! They both had one after this mini photo shoot. This was the only picture I could get without movement!
 Just for fun, here's a gratuitous snoopy shot. Rascal still sleeps like that.

We also had a surprise batch of chicks given to us by my father and sister. They often trade chickens with my uncles. This batch contains an Old English Game rooster and hen and three Campines. One looks like she is going to be silver! I would really love to have a Campine rooster but 2 roosters is pushing it now. Here are the chicks all cuddled up.
Nutsy the Silver Campine (?) and Noodles the OEG rooster. Nutsy is the boss and the most outgoing.
        Here's Nutsy, Kayla, Spooty, Noodles, and Goldie. Kids make up the best names, don't they?
Of course they're in a rabbit hutch in my kitchen till we get our new and improved chicken yard built. That's happening this weekend so it only takes a wee bit of sweeping pine shavings off my kitchen floor 5+ times a day. Please don't worry for me or my family, they are nowhere near my food prep area and with the nice weather we've been taking our meals at the picnic table!

Here's our grown layers and rooster.
That fine plump lady on the perch is Gloria. She looks a little rough due to molt. Her twin is Sassy, a brand new addition to our family, They are both Delawares. Pretty little Bessie is in the front and behind her is the king of the run, Jack. One eyed Jack. They are some breed that I just cant ID. They look like Wellsummers, Longhorns and Game fowl. Maybe they are a mix. I just love em though! Poor Jack lost an eye in a fight with another rooster. So he moved in with us. Here's how he looked when we first got him last year.
Bedraggled, dull and beaten up.
One molt later: Glossy, handsome, and sweet!
I hated to pen my chickens up but hawks took one of my other girls and dogs killed another small rooster. Juvenile Eagles lurking around didn't help me feel any better. As I said they will be getting a new improved  run this weekend and I'll probably let them out to play during the day. Anyone else have chickens? What did you do to try and avoid predators? Any ideas as to what Jack and Bessie could be?
Talk to you soon!


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