Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

                                                  Image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy.

  My Grandparents owned the former Methodist and  Episcopal church grounds outside my hometown. A lot of aunts and uncles (there are 14 of them) were raised in the very old (and many claim haunted) Methodist rectory. Us grandkids grew up playing in the old cemeteries. We would make up stories about the people buried there. For example one lone stone, and the poor lady who belonged to it, were in located in a tiny clearing of a  little copse of trees. She was our victim in an Indian raid. Shows how PC we were back in the 80s. Though we played among them in the day, not a one of us wanted to cross the yard at night. The headstones have almost all been removed now. One still peeps up here and there. And that, my friends, is the closest I've ever come to a ghost.

Have a Safe and Fun day!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

After the Storm

   Sandy, for us, was actually much tamer than predicted. Thanks for the prayers every one! They worked for us! We had the high winds and 10 inches of rain but surprisingly our satellite internet and TV never went out. We had power the entire time except for a 10 second duration. No major branches fell from our trees.

  My thoughts go out to those who had the hard part of this storm and are dealing with the after effects now. Also to those who have family out there dealing with this.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oh Sandy!

   Well, lets batten down the hatches folks, shes gonna be a whopper. We have been doing our hurricane preps since Friday. FOOD. Check. WATER. Check. BATTERIES, MEDS, FLASHLIGHT, RADIO. Checkity check check.
We have our chicken pen and dog kennels all cozy and snug. Of course if it gets too bad our Beagle boys will be coming in to ride out the storm.
Pre plywood: nice and neat
Whats goin on here?
Beagle boys kennel all done. snug as bugs! Chicken pen in progress.
Its been raining lightly here all morning. They say the worst, for us in the eastern shore of Maryland, will hit tonight and tomorrow. Stay safe everyone!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Sad Ending

 We had a white tail buck in our backyard last evening. My daughter, little son and I were very excited until we noticed his odd behavior. He seemed to be drooling, wandering around and  swaying a lot. My husband and son arrived home from hunting and I waved them over.  My husband took a  closer look in the binoculars and agreed "Somethings wrong with him."  My husband hunts but NEVER can stand to see an animal suffer. He called our friend and neighbor, who is a hunting guide and has the hunting rights to the property we live on, to come over and see what he wanted to do. In the meantime the poor buck stumbled quite a bit and seemed to lick the air continually. Our friend arrived and immediately knew what was wrong, quickly dispatched the buck and he and my husband went to pick it up. The poor deer was suffering from  Brain Abscess Syndrome or Inter cranial Abescessation. I looked it up on the Internet and its a pretty nasty way to die, though it occurs infrequently. Thank goodness! 

 The Deer Laboratory at  The University of Georgia is studying the issue. Should you be so inclined, click HERE for the link and HERE for more information from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources on the subject.  

 Deer with abscesses SHOULD NOT be consumed. 

You can see from the pictures that he was just wandering back and forth. The pictures seem to show a healthy buck but he was in a bad way. I hated to see such a beautiful animal in such a state. I have lived around hunters and enjoyed watching deer all of my life and never heard of such a disease until now.  

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Kittens Kittens Kittens!

  I have read at least 3 blog posts recently about lucky people who just welcomed new kittens into their homes! Well we did too!

                                              Two fuzzy lil balls of cuteness! Smokey and Oreo.

   We found them in one of the old barns, starving and alone. We're almost certain their mother was killed by a car near our lane. We have kept out a sharp eye for a momma in the vicinity.
                                      Heres our story...
   We have chickens and foxes like to try and treat our hen house like a buffet. We moved our Beagle Boys', Rascal and Bandit, kennel next to the chicken pens for some extra security. This has worked wonderfully! Those dogs get even a whiff of any animal not of our yard they go nutso! They have a specific bark for rabbit, cat and fox or raccoon. We know right away whats in our yard. After a particularly horrific fox attack on our juvenile chickens over the summer, in which my husband had to put down a very young chicken, we keep a spotlight by the back door. We can easily find whats in our yard and chase it off.  Last Saturday night the Boys were barking their "cat" bark. I went out expecting to chase off a tom cat but spotted a tiny kitten, who immediately dove under the barn door. No way I was going into that barn in the pitch dark. Its full of old equipment,wood, and not to mention over a hundred years of dust and pigeon poop. I told my husband and he looked around Sunday morning but didn't see a thing. It was a beautiful day My hubs and I were revamping the chicken pen, our sons were outside playing and to get my computer addicted tween outside with her little brothers I suggested a kitten hunt. They all readily agreed.My husband and I high fived cause we got our daughter off the computer with little drama! That's right! Gettin the hang of this parenting stuff. Uh huh! Literally 2 minutes later here come the kids with a kitten! My husband and I just looked at each other and of course ran over to check out the lil cutie! We found a litter of five kittens. We offered a bowl of cat food and they gobbled it down. Water was gone in an instant. The poor little dears were full of fleas. We put them in a wire dog kennel with a cozy old blanket and put them on the enclosed porch of the old farm house right next to our rancher. No one lives there anymore. I doubt ghosts care about fleas. :)

   There were two little black ones with white "bow ties" Hershey and The Dr., Smokey all gray, Oreo the fuzzy black and white one and another black and white short hair the boys called Shylo.  We wanted to keep them all but we could not afford 5  more cats. We already have one elderly cat, Samoa, who visits the vet pretty frequently, two dogs, a parakeet and 14 chickens. We couldn't just have one though and we chose 2. Smokey and Oreo. The others I took to the local Humane Society so they could get the care they needed. The tiny black one had a weepy eye and I don't think she was fully weaned from her momma. We called her The Dr. because of her bow tie. We all know bow ties are cool... We took our two fuzzy babies and had them flea dipped and checked out. They are around 6 weeks old. They are spoiled rotten already!
Smokey sitting on my stitching table. Pen for size comparison!

daughter snuggling oreoawwww
 They have been a joy! Though I don't understand how two tiny kittens can sound like horses running round the house at 2 am!! Smokeys got the cutest meow. He trills like a bird. Oreo is bigger and more adventuresome! He chases the kids around and they love it! Hes got some supa ninja moves.
Samoa ,our older gal, is still getting used to them. She doesn't like change and gets stressed out easily.

samoa balancing precariously on my kitchen curtains

A slightly better pic. at least you can see her here. 
All the pictures on this post have been taken by my children on my daughters ipod.  Sorry about the quality but I swore to use them!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


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