Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Sad Ending

 We had a white tail buck in our backyard last evening. My daughter, little son and I were very excited until we noticed his odd behavior. He seemed to be drooling, wandering around and  swaying a lot. My husband and son arrived home from hunting and I waved them over.  My husband took a  closer look in the binoculars and agreed "Somethings wrong with him."  My husband hunts but NEVER can stand to see an animal suffer. He called our friend and neighbor, who is a hunting guide and has the hunting rights to the property we live on, to come over and see what he wanted to do. In the meantime the poor buck stumbled quite a bit and seemed to lick the air continually. Our friend arrived and immediately knew what was wrong, quickly dispatched the buck and he and my husband went to pick it up. The poor deer was suffering from  Brain Abscess Syndrome or Inter cranial Abescessation. I looked it up on the Internet and its a pretty nasty way to die, though it occurs infrequently. Thank goodness! 

 The Deer Laboratory at  The University of Georgia is studying the issue. Should you be so inclined, click HERE for the link and HERE for more information from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources on the subject.  

 Deer with abscesses SHOULD NOT be consumed. 

You can see from the pictures that he was just wandering back and forth. The pictures seem to show a healthy buck but he was in a bad way. I hated to see such a beautiful animal in such a state. I have lived around hunters and enjoyed watching deer all of my life and never heard of such a disease until now.  


Crystal @ Country Mom at Home said...

Hi Ashley
I am so happy that your husband and neighbour could take care of the deer. You're right, it's not nice to watch an animal suffer.
Take care,

Firecracker Kid said...

Aww, that is sad. He was such a beautiful animal.

Ashley said...

I know, very sad. Kind of a bummer post but I thought it was important to share. Thanks for your comments Crystal and Carol!


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