Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lyme Disease, The Flu and a Dirty House...

So goes last week for me. My 4 year old became ill in the wee hours of morning. You know, fever, vomiting, laying around. The lymph nodes under one of his arms was really swollen as well. Like REALLY big. I took him to the doctor and they decided to do the Lyme titer and a flu swab. Got that drama over with and took him home. The doctors office called in an antibiotic and 2 days later they called to tell me he has Lyme disease. He had a bite on his back. No tick,it must have bitten and fallen off on its own or when he was getting undressed or something. There was no bulls eye rash, just a bite that ,I thought, might have been from a spider. It was larger than any tick bite I'd ever seen before. On top of that, poor baby has had the flu. We are scheduled to get all 3 kids flu mist this MONDAY. Damn you Murphy! So that was 3 days off of work for me. Oh yeah, I've been filling in at my former place of work. Love it there! My older son came home from school Thursday not feeling well. Here we go again. But hes actually been OK. YAY! Mom on the other hand is tired, her house is dirty and has chores to do. What is she doin though. BLOGGING.

While I was sitting so devotedly by my sons side on the couch I got some stitching done.

Coverlet Houses byThe Scarlett House. I made it into a pillow because I finally learned how to do a ladder stitch. Big achievement for me. Really.

Thomas by Notforgotten Farm
Wow. That looks really wrinkly and washed out. But there it is.
Now I'm working on Anne Taylor by Heartstring Samplery and Oh Christmas Tree by Notforgotten Farm. Also Mary Wigham is 3/4 way done.

As far as needle felting goes, I'm working on some mushroom Christmas tree ornaments, Prim mice, and a large Belsnickel. I'm waiting for his vintage trims to arrive.

 Stay tuned tomorrow for my Old Farmhouse Chili Cookoff post. I'm going to be making goose breast chili.

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