Sunday, January 27, 2013

Back but Not in the Saddle, Kinda Half Heartedly Calling the Horse, Hands On Knees Outa Breath Watching Him Run Away

OK So its 2:30 AM. I'm sick. Grrr. I don't want to sleep because it takes so long to shake that yucky "Im a sick Zombie" feeling. You know what I'm moaning about... 

First it was a stomach virus. Down for 4 days. 4 DAYS. I'm A MOTHER viruses! Cant you see that?!!!!

Of course as I was regaining health the kids came down with it one by one, overlapping days. Just long enough to zap any rest or rehabilitation I might have been getting. Oh yes, we have tons of makeup work for school. YAY.

 Then a super nasty sinus infection took advantage and raided my head. Its been ongoing for about a week now and I just cant shake it.  I'm super miserable.  Cant sleep, cook, function. You get the idea. I have also developed a severe sore throat which I don't know if its post nasal drip or another virus assaulting me.

Doctors appointment is sched for Tuesday. In the meantime the netipot, ibuprofen and  warm tea are my BFFS!   I will be taking a ton of vitamins as soon as I feel well enough to crawl into some jeans and head out to good ole Walmart. Of course I could add a lil alcohol to those olde bottles of Patent medicines (One Minute Cough Cure anyone? How about Dr Miles big ole bottle of Restorative Nervine? No?) shake em up an  see of there are any traces left. Wow I must have a fever.

Patent medicine anyone? At this point...Nahh.
 My elder son has come down with it now. It seems similar anyway. Doctor for him Monday morning.  I hope it doesn't mean another week out of school.  Pray that my other kids come out clear. I just need some sleeeeeeeep.  Seriously though I'll plug thru. That's what Mommas do!!

  Thank God for my husband who has been really taking care of stuff for me! Love that man! I also thank The Man Above that it hasn't been the flu this year! Keeping my fingers crossed!

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Barb said...

UUUGHHHYYY...Hope you are feeling better soon and back to 100% FAST!!
I hate feeling that way too so can totally relate!


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