Tuesday, February 19, 2013

1803 Ohio Farm Baskets Giveaway!!

                                Ann over at 1803 Ohio Farm Baskets is having a sweet giveaway.

 Go over and check it out! She weaves the most lovely baskets. In 2011 I bought her Canning Jar Basket complete with jar, rusty lid and cute homespun skirt. I love it!  I'm jonesin for one of her cheese baskets.
Check out her Etsy Shop !

Friday, February 1, 2013

What the Cats Did

Sweet baby Smokey

Oreo Cookie Cat
Remember these sweet adorable little balls of fluff we rescued from the cold, cruel world? Well they are now going through that rebellious tearing the house down phase.

Just call them Spike and Snake.

They behaved like angels through the Christmas season, leaving all 4 Christmas trees intact. Then they got on the catnip and went crazy.They tore down my bedroom curtains the other day. That was the first sign.


I have been working on a Sleepy Sheepy wreath for an extremely patient customer.( She contacted me while I was on vacation and graciously waited for my return.)  I had only to complete the black sheep, assemble and ship the wreath.

You can see where this is going, right?

School was cancelled today due to snow so I snuggled back into bed while my husband bravely marched out to the kitchen to start coffee. Then I heard it. My husband:" OOOOOhhhhhh myyyy loooorrd! Honey! You do NOT want to come out here!" So of course I had to come out!!!

The remains of said wreath. This is after I picked everything up off the floor.
Those naughty kitties broke into my work room. Really I don't know how we slept through this fun?

But wait! There's more...

I guess the wood base didn't allow rolling, reducing the fun factor. 

Oh no! Don't go anywhere yet! There's still more...
sorry I couldn't get it to rotate
Remember this guy? He is gone daddy gone. He must have been a real riot to play with because all that was left of him was some beard and tinsel. My husband must have picked up his pieces while was on my knees moaning and tearing my hair out.
Yeah, I did it. Whatsit toya.

They are pictured on the old bar stools they claimed as their napping thrones. They only ripped the cushions to make the stuffing more comfy.

Come on lets all sing it: BAD BOYS BAD BOYS WHATCHA GONNA DO

How can he sleep so well? And on my table too!

Oreo confided to me that, "Really! It was all Smokey's fault."

So what do you think? Time for juvie? Can they quit the nip and reform?

You'd NEVER catch these boys getting up to such nonsense!


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