Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Crazy Cat Lady? Part One

   When we moved, we inherited a skinny little tabby  I decided to call Belle. She was at our new home hanging with my husband and getting to know him while he renovated. She lived on the porch as an outdoor kitty and she was fixed.  Our other three cats, Smokey, Oreo and Samoa (MoMo) were still cozied up at the old house as indoor kitties.

  "I guess one more would be ok. They are all going outdoors."

   Belle is sweet and super loving though she has that independent outdoor kitty attitude. This girl can take care of herself!  We moved Smoke, Oreo and MoMo to the new house as free range kitties and Belle made sure those kitty boys knew who the boss was. MoMo and Belle are cool but don't  hang out much.

   All the kitties were thriving as inside/outside cats. Belle kept on getting healthier and shinier. "See what a little extra TLC will do!"  We had a few stray toms that would come up in the evenings and partake in the food bowl feast. We wouldn't begrudge them that. One would hang out with Belle on the old picnic table in the sunshine. "Isn't that so cute!!" Then he stopped coming around. Belle chased him off.  Belle was prego. I told my husband, he did not want to believe me!

 "But she's been spayed!"

   I insisted. I AM a woman that's borne three children I know a baby moving around in a pregnant belly when I see one.

   I suspect he didn't want to think about vet bills for 4+ cats. Me neither.

   Part 2 and kitten cuteness coming soon!
Belly Belle.  Old camera phone.

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Firecracker Kid said...

Oopsy, I suspect Belle will be fixed after the kitties arrive... lol. You're like me, it is hard to say no to them. I hope Belle has healthy babies for you :)



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